Extubation and No Surgery!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Wednesday, July 1, 2009 0 comments
I can't believe the progress Josiah has made in the past 3 days! God has really answered prayers this week. On Sunday, I asked for prayer for Josiah's pneumonia to clear up and for his chest tube out put to decrease significantly. God has answered those prayers. Josiah's chest x-rays have looked so good the past couple of days that they stopped his chest physical therapy (CPT) where the bang on him to break up the gunk inside. The drainage out of his chest tubes has all but stopped on the left and slowed down a ton. What I didn't mention on Sunday was that Josiah had put on the OR schedule for Thursday to a surgery that had a 50% chance of correcting his lung drainage. The only way we were told he wasn't going to have to go through the surgery was if his drainage slowed significantly before Thursday! What a huge answer to prayer. I really didn't want to see our little guy have his chest opened up again.

So rather than surgery tomorrow we are going to try extubating again today! This will be attempt number 3 and I really feel like Josiah is in a great place to have success this time. He looks like he's gained some weight, he's comfortable and has been very alert the past couple of days.

Extubation is going to happen any minute now. So please pray with us once again and for the next 24hours that Josiah has great success. Pray for strong lungs and lots of energy so that he doesn't tire out. Today marks 6 weeks since Josiah's birth and intubation I would love to be over this major hurdle today but if not that's okay all we have is time and it's all God's anyway!

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