Quick Update!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Wednesday, July 8, 2009 0 comments
Josiah is doing great! He has had such a great past couple of days! Yesterday,
-he had his PICC line removed (that was an accident, so we had to put an IV in his head, but ok anyway)
- his left chest tube removed
- his follie removed
-his feeding tube was moved from his intestine to his belly
-all his meds can now go through his feeding tube rather than IV
-the ear, nose, throat docs came by and checked his vocal cords, they are great
-he hasn't thrown up any of his feeds now in his belly
-he sucks like crazy on his paci

Holding him yesterday without all his tubes was great. He felt about 10 pounds lighter and I felt like I could actually move a little bit while holding him, meaning I could readjust myself in the chair every once in a while so that my butt didn't fall asleep. It's exciting to see him doing so well. He just looks great too! He appears to be gaining some weight, his color is good and he doesn't seem so labored in his breathing anymore. We are thanking God for our amazing miracle!

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