Another Great Day!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Thursday, August 6, 2009 5 comments
Josiah has had another great day! Not much to report. His O2 sats have been great, his color is more pinkish. He had his final chest tube pulled out today. This time it came out on the MD's schedule not Josiah's! His foley came out last night. Which means I've gotten peed on twice today. I'm totally not use to this boy thing.

Notice his neon colored thumb splints. They are designed to stretch out the muscles in his thumbs so that he will keep his hands open more. One of the nurses here, Harriet, thinks that he looks like an 80's aerobic instructor when he wears them. So we are hoping to find Josiah a neon sweatband and some leg warmers to go with his splints!

There is another little girl here with HLHS that just had her Norwood (first open heart surgery)today. She is struggling some now and so we are praying for her and her family tonight. It was hard to watch and relive the memories of that day as the family was not given the best of news after surgery. All I can think to do is pray that God continue to work His miracles on this precious heart as I have witnessed so many times in the past few months.

5 comments to Another Great Day!

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    ScottKinmartin34 I wish you and your family the best.

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    Rebecca He really does look great! He's getting so big, too! (Yeah for growth!!!)
    Okay, now I cannot look at that picture without envisioning Richard Simmons...just a curly wig and headband and he's set! :)
    Blessings to you today~ Rebecca

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    Howard Family Hi Wilson family-
    We were in PCICU with you a few weeks ago, but never got a chance to meet you guys. I am glad Josiah is having a better day. Noah is a HLHS child and had his Fontan 21 days ago. We are still at MUSC on 7C waiting for this darn drainage to stop. We are almost there. We got your blogpage from the Leckrone family. I have read parts of it and my heart goes out to you. Being here for so long can really take a toll on you. We are praying for you guys and for Josiah to get stronger each day. If you need to talk we are in RM 780 and we have a blogpage

    The Howard Family

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    Anonymous Hmmm, only comment on little boys pottying is been there, been sprayed many times, and it still doesn't stop when they get potty trained. (I promise that Noah thinks missing the potty is always more enjoyable just to watch mom's reaction!!!) Glad to see good days are here...missed tweets today but then remembered it was the BYT. Hope all is well and are praying for baby Maia.

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    Anonymous Hundreds of people are following Josiah's journey. Praying. Cheering. Hoping. What a blessing! What a witness! There is a divine purpose in every moment. We pray especially for strength, wisdom, peace, and joy for you, Milo and Erin. Much heartfelt love goes out to your precious family.

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