Are we tired of talking about Josiah's condition?

Posted by Milo Wilson On Tuesday, August 18, 2009 3 comments
I was asked this question a number of times this last weekend while I was home in Greenville. Basically, I think people feel like we have to explain so much about what is happening with him, that we must be tired of saying it over and over again.

The reality is this:
I love to talk about my son! This is very therapeutic for us, and helps us to grasp what is going on with him even better every time we explain his story to someone. The thing is, I want to tell you all about my little boy.

I remember when we were a young couple and we got a puppy, but we still had no kids. we talked about all the little things Daisy did to annoy us, make us laugh, and surprise us. Then, we would get together with all of our friends with pets, but no kids and talk about our crazy animals. Then, we grew up a little bit, and in a couple years our daughter Daylia was born. We found ourselves talking about her constantly, and talking with friends who had kids about all her silly mannerisms. Then, the process repeated 17 months later when Hazyl was born. She immediately picked up the nickname "Crazy Hazy" and we haven't stopped talking about how off-the-wall that little girl is.

Now two years later, we have little Josiah. He is certainly the most unique of anyone to ever come through our family and most likely yours as well. So, we understand when we have to catch you up on what he is doing. We know that it isn't like when our dogs have the same bad habits, or our girls have the same cute expressions as yours. Josiah is completely different than anyone you have ever met. But we WANT to talk about him.

Let us tell you about how Dr. Baker grinned at us on day one when his heart cath was complete.
Let us tell you how Dr Bradley ripped a sensor off of his forehead.
Let us tell you about the heart pillows we get in the hospital, with an anatomy picture of a perfect heart on them... (which Josiah doesn't have.)
Let us tell you how Josiah has the same lazy eye as his Grandfather.
Let us tell you how hard you pat him to put him to sleep.
Let us tell you about his thumb splints.
Let us tell you about his crush on Mindy.
Let us tell you about how Dr Friedman earned his Josiah bracelet before anyone else.
Let us tell you about A.B.G.'s air brushed T-shirt with Josiah's name on it.
Let us tell you how Josiah is able to suck on the passy.
Let us tell you how Erin hung a mobile from a surgical light over his bed.
Let us tell you about his 1st photo shoot.

Let me tell you about my son! All you have to do is ask!

You know, there was another Father who wanted everyone to know everything about His Son. And you know what? He was pretty proud too!

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
Matthew 3:17 and behold, a voice out of the heavens said, "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased."

3 comments to Are we tired of talking about Josiah's condition?

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    Renee I love the Family photo of you guys ! and its so good to hear that progress is being made with the breast milk. Kinda makes us pause and realize that God is in all the details ! Renee

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    coolercorner I can't wait for the day when you miracle baby Josiah and my miracle baby Ava can meet each other in Greenville! Please know that I look at your sight each day and pray for your precious son and family.

    Love and prayer through Christ who gives us strength,

    Abbey Medcalf Cooler
    (Ava sends her hugs to Josiah)

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    Howard Family I loved reading this blog, it brought tears to my eyes. You guys are doing a wonderful job. It's not easy being cooped up in PCICU, but you guys are really amazing. I have been praying for Josiah and your family. Please let me know if you need anything here in Greenville. Although we briefly met down at MUSC, we hope one day we can meet Josiah and your girls.

    God Bless,
    The Howard Family (Noah)

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