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I forgot one I wanted to my list of I never thought I would ever... have an icu phone number on speed dial!

Anyway, Josiah has had a pretty good weekend. The only thing that's been a little off on him are his O2 sats. We had to go up on the percentage of oxygen he is receiving on the ventilator to keep his sats in a decent range. There is talk that they will do an echo on Josiah's heart on Monday just to check things out. I'm hoping they do that because it's been over a month since he has had an echo.

We've had a great weekend with my brother and his wife and their two girls visiting from Buffalo. All four of the girls have been swimming in the pool constantly, sleeping in the same bed, pretty much doing everything together. It's wonderful! I've been trying to spend a good deal of time with them because I don't know when we will see them again. We normally try to go to Buffalo at Christmastime. That's not going to happen for a while. So we probably won't see them again until the decide to make another trip south. That's one of the harder realities of our new situation for me to accept.

I'm looking forward to Milo being back on Monday night. I'm grateful for his situation with his job but I'm beginning to dread weekends without him. It's just a reminder that things aren't the way they are suppose to be when he is gone. Although, it could always be worse, right?

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