Josiah's having a not so good day

Posted by Erin Wilson On Tuesday, August 25, 2009 0 comments
Just a quick update on Josiah. We got here this morning around 9:00am and Josiah looked great. Everyone thought so. Even in rounds the MD's were talking about how good he looked today. Then around 11:00am he spiked a fever of about 101 degrees. I was just about to hold him when that happened so I asked if maybe it wasn't a good time. Our nurse didn't seemed concerned because everything else seemed good. So we got Josiah out of bed and into my arms. He was there for about 5 mins and then his sats started dropping. The were down into the mid 50's to low 60's so the MD decided on getting a chest x-ray. Which meant I had to put him back in bed. At that point Josiah really started showing signs of being stressed. His heart rate went from his normal 120's to 170's. His blood pressure went down and his temp went up again to about 101.7 degrees. We couldn't really do anything to keep his sats up. His sats went as low as 39 and stayed around 44 for awhile so we started bagging him to try and get his O2 sats up. His blood gas has looked really bad. Josiah is now stable but his ventilator went from giving him 10 breaths per minute to 32 breaths and from 40% oxygen to 100% among some other vent increases. He is not breathing on his own over the ventilator at all right now. His fever has broken. They've stopped his feeds and are giving him IV fluids, giving him more blood volume, and various other medications.

We are not really sure what has caused all this yet. Could be an infection but that's about the only possible reason, but so far blood tests have not shown anything. In fact his white blood count is lower that it was 2 days ago. So for right now we wait and see. Please pray for our little boy today.

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