Josia's benefit car show

Posted by Milo Wilson On Saturday, September 19, 2009 0 comments
This evening was an incredible experience. I arrived at the car show about an hour late becauseI had left Charleston later than I had anted to. I stopped by home to pick up the newestshipment of Josiah bracelets to hand out at the car show to encourage people to visit this website and follow along so they would know best what to pray for. On the drove up from the coast, I had listened to the Clemson football game, which had lasted over 5 hrs because of continuous rain and lightning delays at death valley. I thought for sure that this would ruin the night for the Benefit Car show, because who is gonna bring out their beautiful car and sit with the hood open in the rain? I was pleasantly surprised!

Fortunately, the heavy rain had subsided, and it was only a light mist in the air at the car show. To my surprise, there were 40 or more cars entered into the car show, and a parking area full of supporters for little Josiah. It was a very special night, because most of these guys had never heard of us before. Yet, they were as giving as anyone we have come into contact with since learning of Josiah's condition. I heard numerous people say: "normally I wouldn't bring her out in this rain, but it's for a good cause..." How humbling. They showed us such love and sacrifice tonight on the behalf of Josiah.

It was awesome! Guys with big tattoos, big earrings, with big hearts and big engines in their big (and small) beautiful cars and trucks just had an awesome night together sharing the hobby they all love dearly, in the honor of a child we love dearly. They raised more than $1500.00 for Josiah this evening. Thank You so much!

Cale gray modeling the Josiah bracelet
The car I chose on behalf of Daylia, because it had a surfboard on it,
and Daylia is at the beach in Charleston
The car Hazyl would have chosen, but it was taken for another prize instead

The vehicle I chose for Hazyl, Because she is just like the truck from the Disney movie "Cars"

the girls were playing Barbie car show back in Charleston

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