Meet the "Taggerts"

Posted by Erin Wilson On Saturday, September 12, 2009 1 comments
I wanted to introduce you to the Smiths- Steve, Amy, Emery and Taggert. Here in the PCICU they go by the "Taggerts." This may just seem like a simple family picture to everyone else, but to me and the rest of the PCICU this moment was absolutely amazing. The Taggerts have been here almost 6 weeks longer than us, totaling somewhere around 22 weeks, and today they brought Tagg out of his room for the first time. You might wonder what the significance of that is, but it means that Tagg is free from tubes, oxygen and IV drips for the first time. Amy was able to pick him up and carry him out to the door. To see her holding Tagg like this was incredible. I don't mean to tell anyone how to feel but please allow this photo to remind you to never take your children and the many little things in life for granted. How beautiful it was to see this amazing mom holding her amazingly beautiful little boy in a way that she hasn't been able to in 22 weeks. I can't help but praise God for another miracle. Please continue to pray with our family for the Smiths. They are getting close to being able to go home with Tagg and we are praying for no more bumps in the road. His last hurdle is feeding. Please pray that Tagg is able to accomplish his feeding goals this week.

On another note, as I was walking into the hospital this evening I ran into a couple that Milo and I have met at a church we have been going to here in Charleston. They introduced themselves to us the first Sunday we were there. When they found out about our situation they offered us a place to live in their own home. It was incredible to meet such kind and generous people. This woman was very pregnant and was still willing to open up her home to us. So tonight when I walked into the hospital and saw them I knew something must be wrong. You see there are very few babies born here unless there is a complication and I knew from speaking with the mom a few weeks ago that she was planning on birthing at a birthing center. So I am writing about this tonight again asking you to pray with us for this precious baby. They don't know a whole lot at this point but that the baby had a hard time getting enough oxygen to his brain at birth. He is currently in the NICU here. Please pray for this family and baby M as they are dealing with an unexpected complication. We know all to well how hard it is to leave baby here and go home to sleep at night. That just isn't the plan we put together. Please pray for this beautiful family.

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    Anonymous Praise Jesus! I cried happy tears when I saw this pic. I've been praying for the "Taggerts" since you put Tagg's CaringBridge link on your site. How wonderfully amazing this is! I will continue to pray for this special family.

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