The best birthday present ever

Posted by Erin Wilson On Friday, October 30, 2009 0 comments
While Josiah is in surgery I'm trying to catch up on some blogging. Last week I celebrated my birthday. It was kind of an emotional day for me, but I guess everything is emotional these days. I really wasn't in a celebratory mood for one reason or another. Milo gave me a present in the morning that he thought was going to make me feel better. It came from my best friend Dana and although it was wrapped I could tell it was a photo album, so I was preparing to see all the pictures from the past couple of months. I opened it up and opened the cover of the album where I realized she had put together a scrap book. The first page had a picture of our family and it said Happy Birthday Erin, with the date. It was beautiful. So I turned to the first page took one look at it, closed it back up, began crying and told Milo that I couldn't look at it right now. Milo knew what the gift was and had been keeping it a secret for several weeks and this was not the response he was expecting. He was very confused. On the first page was a letter written by Dana for me and several other notes written by friends from our church and the community, all surrounded by beautiful words of encouragement and pictures of our precious boy. When I realized what she had done, I was overwhelmed and I couldn't look at it. Dana had gotten people from our church and the church Milo use to lead worship at to write letters to me. She then put it all together into a wonderful scrap book. I was just overwhelmed by the time she and others took to do this for me. I started reading later that day when I had some time to be alone and it has taken me a week to read the notes in this scrap book. It has been very humbling.

I wanted to say thank you to our so many friends who took the time to write to me. Your words have been so encouraging to me this week. And thank you so much Dana for doing this to me. You are an amazing friend. Thank you for walking through this with me. I love you!

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