Josiah Update and a Potty Training Story

Posted by Erin Wilson On Sunday, October 11, 2009 1 comments
Josiah is doing well tonight. He just got done with a 2.5 hour CPAP trial. He slept right through the whole thing with his mouth hanging wide open. When ever anyone sees him they ask if he always sleeps like that and I always answer yes, just like his mommy. The plan is to try to extubate him again either Wednesday or Thursday. This is scheduled to be his last attempt before deciding on the trach. Please pray that "all the stars align" for this event, so that Josiah gets the best shot at breathing on his own. It's difficult in here for that to happen. In my opinion he needs to be free from infection, keeping his feeds down, no fever, pain medications under control, wound vac off, the right staff on for several days. Good thing I'm not in control of all this. So please just pray for God's perfect timing in this. We obviously don't want Josiah to get a trach if he'll be strong enough to breath on his own in a couple of weeks, but we do want him to get a trach if he's not going to be able to get off the vent soon. How do we know when Josiah's time will be? We don't. So please pray that we have a peace about the trach one way or another.

The girls came to visit Josiah today. They were wonderful! Both of them drew a picture for Josiah. Daylia asked me to draw a bunch of hearts on a paper for her and then she colored them in. Guess how many hearts she wanted on the page... 21 of course! Hazyl very intently worked on her drawing. There was no scribbling involved. She worked very hard on something. When I asked what she drew she said "fishes." Sure enough it was fishes, lots of them, and about 4 of them were perfect "Jesus fish symbols." I was very impressed. They brought Josiah his pictures and they each sang him a song all the while playing with his toys and covering him with his stuffed animals. He slept through the whole visit!

We are also working on potty training Hazyl. I've been putting it off thinking, "I just don't want to deal with this now." I just wanted to wait until we got back home, where she could pee on our own floor and I wouldn't have to worry about her having accidents on someone elses furniture. Unfortunately, the more I started thinking about it the more I realized, one, she's ready and we just aren't going home anytime too soon, and two, when we do get home I'm sure not going to have time to potty train then and take care of Josiah. So my saint of a mother decided she was willing to help take on the task. I apologize in advance, Dossi, that we are doing this in your house. Thank you for making us comfortable enough to make think it might be okay. Hazyl's been doing pretty well. I didn't potty train Daylia in pull-ups because I feel like they are no different from a diaper and they cost twice as much. But in an attempt not to have accidents in someone elses house I decided to try the pull-up route. We also took Hazyl to the store and let her pick out her very own underwear. She choose a pack of Tinkerbell undies. We've been telling her that if she keeps her pull-up dry then she can wear the undies. So yesterday she got to wear the undies. She did really well and didn't have an accident all day. Until our dance party before bed. We danced until we dropped and then Grandma started a bath and I sat down to pump. I knew Hazyl might need to go after all the dancing but figured she'd be fine until Grandma got the bath ready. Two minutes after I sat down to pump Hazyl comes up to me with two wet paper towels. I asked her where they came from and she said, "wet." I knew then what had happened and sure enough when I reached down her undies were all wet. I was still a little stumped as to why she had two wet paper towels in her hand. "Hazyl, where did you go potty?" She took off running so I followed her to the hall right in front of he bathroom door. Where I found a smeared puddle of pee on the hardwood floors and a trail of wet footprints headed to the kitchen. My beautiful daughter peed on the floor and without saying a thing went to the kitchen reached up and grabbed the paper towels of the counter and cleaned it up herself! She's amazing!

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    Rolf We'll pray for everything to come together for Josiah this week, being well aware of what a delicate balance this all is. So grateful for your ability to be attentive to all of your children in the midst of this...Go, Hazyl, Go!



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