Too many consults

Posted by Erin Wilson On Wednesday, October 21, 2009 1 comments
I have had a busy couple of days in the PCICU with little time to update the blog. Nothing to busy with Josiah just a ton of consults with doctors from other departments. Josiah has just been resting on the ventilator the past couple of days. They have moved his feeds into his belly and that is our main focus right now so they have stopped CPAP trials for now. He is tolerating his feeds well. He is back up to full feeds now, which means 30cc (1 oz) per hour. The next step will be to compress 3 hours worth of feeds into 30 mins or so and then off for 2.5 hours, so that he is feeding like a "normal baby" (although through a feeding tube).

Yesterday for 4 hours, one after another, I met with an ENT surgeon about a tracheostomy, an ENT nurse practioner about life with a tracheostomy, a nurse case manager about home health care, and a pediatric surgeon about a g-tube. It was a lot. My head literally hurt and I couldn't focus my eyes afterward. It was a lot. Did I mention that it was a lot to take in?

Out of all of that came the decision for Milo and I to go ahead with the tracheostomy and g-tube. If everything works out ok they will plan to do both surgeries at the same time. So that Josiah only needs to make one trip to the OR and be under anasetia only once. This will most likely come together at some point next week.

Josiah has a busy couple of days to get ready for all this. He has to have his feeds compressed. He is going tomorrow for a upper GI scan to check on his digestive system. Possible a CT scan to get one more good look at his lung function.

We feel at peace with the decisions we've made, although they have been difficult. All of the doctors and our surgeon think that it is time for the trach and that Josiah will be better off for it. We continue to ask God about these decisions and a will until the day of his surgery. Our pray is for continued peace and if not that we would know how to stand up to our doctors and say "No."

I am out of time and hope to soon get back here and let everyone know what Josiah living with a trach will me for him as well as our family. Thank you as always for your many prayers.

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    Howard Family hey guys! we have been behind on some of our blog readings so I haven't been following regularly. After reading your latest blogs, my heart goes out to you guys. Just wanted to let your know that your strength is amazing! We are praying for Josiah and your family.

    The Howards (Noah HLHS)

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