It's been a sad day

Posted by Erin Wilson On Thursday, November 5, 2009 0 comments
Milo and I traveled to Conway for Wesleigh Anne's funeral today and I can't at this point even put into words what a difficult day this has been. I hate even saying that because the reality is that it was a million times worse for Trey and Liz and their families. We can't even begin to comprehend their loss. We love them and will continue to pray for them. And as they told us to do, we will hold Josiah a little tighter and fight for him even harder in the days to come.

When we got back this afternoon Josiah had been switched over to the home ventilator. That is one step in the right direction! His feeds are still off due to the stomach issues he was having on Monday. The plan is to restart him on some pedialyte tomorrow and hopefully move back to skim breast milk on Saturday. They are going to go ever so slowly this time. Josiah looks good. He has been awake and alert so much more than he was before the trach. We can do so much more with him now and that is a wonderful feeling.

Please keep Liz and Trey Greene in your prayers as they continue to deal with the loss of their precious princess, Wesleigh Anne. May God grant them peace that surpasses all understanding.

- A Heart that Holds On

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