Glucose problems

Posted by Erin Wilson On Thursday, December 10, 2009 1 comments
So Josiah's fever has come down and he's on broad spectrum antibiotics. We are still waiting on the final results from his cultures to show exactly what he has and then get him on specific antibiotics to fight the infection. The blood culture is negative but the respiratory culture is positive. I mentioned yesterday that Josiah's glucose was low, well it was very low, and his nurse last night suggested that we watch his levels around his feeding schedule. Turns out she was right and his levels dropped dangerously low in between feeds, making him appear to be hypoglycemic. So he is back on continuous feeds for now until we figure out what to do with this new info. The plan is for an endocrinologist to come evaluate Josiah tomorrow. He will have a ton of lab work drawn and then go from there. I asked Dr. Forbus today how fast endocrinology worked, like would they have this new problem solved by Monday morning. He says yes, but I know better than to get my hopes up too high. So as of right now we are still on go for an 8am departure on Monday morning. We'll see. We really just need to get out of this place before they find something else wrong with our sweet boy!

On another note, it continues to be a rough month in the PCICU. We lost two children with HLHS this week. It is a scary reminder of what we are dealing with. Again, the only thing we can do is pray for these families as they mourn the loss of their child. One of the families actually live in Greer, probably 5 minutes from our home. My heart aches for them tonight.

-A heart that holds on

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    angie You don't know me but we have been in PCICU 3 times with our baby girl, Emma (she has multiple VSD's) & 2 of those times were while Josiah was there. We have been following your blog since we came home the second time in early November. We actually just got home yesterday from our most recent visit & I am now wishing we had met. You all are in our thoughts & prayers. You are cheering Josiah on & hoping he will be able to go home on Monday.

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