Drug Fevers?

Posted by Erin Wilson On Monday, January 18, 2010 1 comments
Josiah has been running a high temp, again, all day today. It got as high as 104.3 at one point today. We were able to get it down fairly quickly when that happened by putting cold wash clothes all over him. His temp has stayed above 101 all day. We are trying out a new plan today. The pharmacist seems to think that Josiah may be experiencing these fevers as of late as a result of some drug interactions. So we are taking him off the antibiotics he's been on and hoping that his fevers come down. I am a little nervous that we are stopping antibiotics on a day when Josiah's fever was as high 104.3, but at the same time there doesn't seem to be any other indications for infection. Josiah is acting fine and his white blood count is normal. Hopefully getting rid of these antibiotics will help his fever to come down.

For those of you who pray for Josiah and our family regularly, I have a new prayer request to share. My brother and his girlfriend, Ali, were out sledding (near Buffalo, NY) this weekend and Ali had an accident where she ended up needing to be helicoptered from the sledding hill to the hospital in Buffalo. She has broken her back and is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow. Please pray for Ali tonight and tomorrow. She has a long road of recovery in front of her. Thank you for praying for Ali.

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    Stephanie Quintero Praying for Josiah, ya'll and Ali

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