Ringing in the New Year!

Posted by Erin Wilson On Friday, January 1, 2010 4 comments
We are spending our first night at home with all three of our children under one roof on the last night of 2009! It is so nice to have everyone home. Milo's mom brought the girls home this morning and they were so excited to see Josiah. They were so good with him and have done so well listening to some new rules around the house, like wash your hands at least 1,000 times a day and ask before entering Josiah's room. They love their brother so much! Here are a couple pictures of us in Josiah's room. They are not the greatest pictures, it's hard to have taking pictures on the top of our priority list. Just like I need someone to come over and help clean my house and do laundry, I need someone to come be our photographer!

Can you believe that the picture above is the first time in 7.5 months that Josiah has ever sat in my lap like that. One of the best things about being out of the hospital is being able to be on the floor with everyone!

We have been doing better since Tuesday. We had nursing care from 9am-5pm each day and both Wednesday and Thursday we had the same woman. Wednesday was still very difficult as we were still non stop with Josiah. Having to train a nurse on how WE want things done requires us to be so hands on still while she is here. So having the same nurse come back on Thursday was so nice. She just walked right in at 9am and took over our routine. We still did a lot with her but I actually got to take a shower, get dressed and run to the grocery store for a couple of things. Today we will have a new nurse, so we are back to square one. Please pray that the nursing company can find someone that will take Josiah on as their primary patient so we can get someone in here more regularly.

Since Josiah's "episode" on Tuesday morning we have not been comfortable leaving him unattended so we've been having someone awake with him through the night. We think that Josiah's issue on Tuesday morning started with a huge dirty diaper that he got upset about because he was sitting in it for too long. Because we were asleep we didn't know he had blown out his diaper and therefore he was crying and because he doesn't make any sound when he cries we didn't know he was crying. By the time the vent began alarming he was already way to worked up and upset. So we've had some friends that past two nights and Milo's mom and dad tonight help us with the night time shifts. Tonight's schedule looked like this
- Milo from 10pm-12am (Happy New Year!)
- Milo's mom from 12am-2am
-Me from 2am-4am
-Milo's dad from 4am-6am
-Milo from 6am- 8am

Thank God for help!

Josiah had a fever yesterday, which is what I was afraid of leaving the PCICU. Just because we left doesn't mean that Josiah's random fevers stop automatically. So I called the PCICU today when his temp got to 101.2 and asked their opinion. We are in a hard position because if I call our MD's here and tell them that Josiah has a temp of 101.2, it's New Year's Eve, so they are most likely going to admit us to the hospital to draw cultures and watch him. In the PCICU when this would happen 9 out 0f 10 times the cultures would be negative. So the MD in the PCICU and I agreed that we would wait this one out. Josiah maintained a low grade temp all day. Again we are praying that this is nothing. We'll see what today brings.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and we wish you all the very best in 2010!

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    Anonymous Erin,
    So great to see your family all together for the New Year. Thanks for posting updates. We keep praying for all of you and especially Josiah.

    It's too bad Bethany doesn't live closer to you to be your visiting nurse. My son Christopher calls her "the best nurse in the whole world".

    Happy New Year- Rachael and The Wehns.

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    Rebecca I couldn't have more JOY on this first day of 2010 seeing ALL of your family together at home!

    Praying for continued health & no more scares!

    Love to you all~ Rebecca

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    Janis Welcome home Josiah!!! In regards to his care, just make sure you are comfortable with the nurses...we have had some real doozies this past year. I think family help is best. Good luck with everything.

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