It's the 24th

Posted by Erin Wilson On Wednesday, March 24, 2010 3 comments
It's been 2 months since Josiah passed away. I don't really now what to do on days like these. What do you call this day? Do you mark it by doing something? Do you morn more? Do you celebrate Josiah's new life? I don't know. You see, my faith tells me that Josiah is way better off in heaven where there is no more surgery, no more pain, no more medication and he is experiencing love that we can't comprehend. While I do believe that and understand that just perhaps the 24th of January was the best day of Josiah's life it was obviously the worst day of ours. So, what do I make of the days that mark this anniversary? Sadness, joy or a mix of both?

I'm not a real big fan of "father time" right now. As time moves on and we reach these milestones I feel like I am only getting further away from Josiah. People (other than Milo and I) think of him less often, his name is mentioned less often and I don't get the opportunity to talk about him as much. I know people may think or even say to me that's not true, Josiah will never be far from our hearts. For most it is true. I don't expect him to be on the forefront of everyone else's mind. He was not their son. I am scared of the day when he will be gone from this earth longer that he was here and every month that ticks by is another month closer to that day. It seems impossible to keep his memory alive for a lifetime to come. We try though, especially with our girls.

We miss you sweet baby boy. We will never forget the fear we experienced in those last moments of your life on earth and then the peace God granted us when we knew it was over and you were safely home. Mommy and Daddy love you so much.

- A heart that holds on

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    Anonymous Prayers are with. No I don't think it gets easier.. it seems the longer the more you miss least I know I miss Bryce more and more. Please call me anytime you want to talk about Josiah... I would love to hear about him and how very special your little man is!
    Shannon Cole

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    Kristine My thoughts are with you today. My daughter lived only five days. I passed the mark of living without her early. I know it's not much comfort, but Josiah has made a permanent mark on my life.

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    Ginger Owens Hope ya'll have a safe trip to Charleston!

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