American Heart Walk

Posted by Erin Wilson On Tuesday, September 21, 2010 1 comments
We are participating in the American Heart Walk in Charleston this Saturday. We walked last year while we were there. Lots of other heart families come each year for this event. It was fun last year to meet lots of families that at that point we only knew through our blog and facebook. There is a pediatric cardiology reunion at the children's museum on Saturday night that the girls will love. I've had mixed feelings about going this year. Last year it was a little difficult because I didn't have a baby to show off, he was still in the hospital. This year I am looking forward to seeing people but it's even harder not to have a baby to show off. Last year I remember walking by a table that said "Heart Disease Survivors." It had free t-shirts and hats for those who had won the battle against heart disease. I remember last year thinking, "Well, I guess we don't count this year because we haven't left the hospital, maybe next year." That has bothered me lately. I am a competitive person and when you count heart disease as a win or loss. We lost. So we will walk this year in memory of our son and raise money for the those whose lives are still affected by congenital heart disease. We choose to raise money in hopes for a win for other precious babies like our Josiah.

If you would like to donate funds to the american heart association in memory of Josiah you can follow this link to our team donation page. Thank you in advance for your support.

-A heart that holds on

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    Anonymous Please don't feel like you have lost. You are still fighting as long as you keep Josiah's memory alive.

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