Prayer for Baby Chase

Posted by Erin Wilson On Monday, October 26, 2009 0 comments
Please pray for this sweet baby being born today. His name is Chase and his parents are from the Greenville area. The mom contacted me way back when we were still in bed 4 through my blog. She had just found out that the baby she was carrying has HLHS. Eighteen weeks later she is here at MUCS delivering this sweet boy today. She was induced around 6 am and we are just waiting on his debut.

We went out to dinner with this sweet family on Friday night and they are wonderful. I just cringe at knowing the emotions that she is going through right now. There is nothing normal about a birth like this and so we are just praying for the safe arrival of Chase and peace and joy for Mom and Dad. Please pray for this family today.

Here is a link to the families blog.

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