Top Ten Reasons You Know You've Been in the PCICU too Long

Posted by Erin Wilson On Sunday, October 25, 2009 0 comments
You know you have been in the PCICU too long ...

1o. When you've noticed Dr. Atz's new haircut at least 3 times over.
9. When your OT who was pregnant for the first 10 weeks you were here has now come back from a 12 week maternity leave to be your OT again.
8. When a mother who contacted you when she found out she was pregnant with a little boy with HLHS at 20 weeks is delivering her baby here tomorrow.
7. When you know that the 7th step in the parking garage clanks because the metal plate is loose.
6. When the Subway nazi now knows what you order.
5. When your pediatric cardiologist buys your dad a beer at an Irish pub.
4. When 5 of the 6 people you have been living with will celebrate their birthday before you leave (hopefully not all 6).
3. When you don't need to identify yourself on the phone anymore when you call the unit.
2. When you are repeatedly told that you just need a badge so that you can access the med room on your own.

And the number 1 reason you know you've been in the PCICU to long...

1. When your car gets ticketed in the visitor garage because it has been there so long they think you are an employee.

This is not a joke at all. I got a parking ticket on the day Josiah turned 5 months old that stated as the reason for the citation... "employee at work." I couldn't make this stuff up. Here is a picture of the woman who I pled my case to at the Office of Parking Management on our 5th month and 1 day (also my 29th birthday) of being a visitor to MUSC. She was gracious to find me not guilty and rescind the $45 fine.

-A Heart that Holds On

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